I thought it might be useful to have a page linking to all the goals I have both accomplished and written about on this site.  So here’s a ‘table of contents’ to what has actually been written up, numerically for the goals, and chronologically for site updates:


I. Travel

North America and Central America

I.2.01.01. Visit New York City

I.2.01.02. __ Mount Rushmore

I.2.01.03. __ Visit Washington D.C.

I.2.01.04. __ Visit Las Vegas

I. __ Climb the Manitou Incline

I. __ Climb to the top of Red Mountain

I. __ Climb the sand dunes

I. __Visit Mesa Verde

I.2.01.06. __ Hike in the Grand Canyon

I.2.01.07._Find that Beautiful beach in Washington

I.2.01.08. __ Devil’s Tower

I.2.01.14. Visit Boston


I.4. __ Visit Europe

I. __ Visit Stonehenge

I. __ Visit Nottingham and Sherwood Forest

I. __ Visit Tintagel Castle

I. __ Visit Bede’s Tomb and Jarrow

I. __ Visit Sutton Hoo

I. __ Visit the Lake District

I. __ See Dover Castle

I. __ Visit Bury St. Edmund’s

I. __ Visit Runnymede

I. __ Site of the Battle of Maldon

I. __ Site of the Battle of Hastings

I. __Visit Lincoln

I. __ Glastonbury

I. __ Visit Hereford

I. __Visit Hexam & the Anglo-Saxon Crypt

I. __ Visit London

I. __ Climb Monument

I. __ Climb Tower Bridge

I. __ Ride the London Eye

I. __ See a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre

I. __ Kew Gardens

I. __ Visit Legoland

I. __ Visit Fountains Abbey

I. __ Hampton Court

I. __ Chatsworth House and Gardens

I. __ Brighton (Royal Pavilion)

I. __ Oxford

I. __ Edinburgh

I. __ Tour a Whiskey Distillery

I. __ Visit the Isle of Iona

I.4.02.05. __ Paris

I. __ St. Denis

I. __ Climb to the top of Notre-Dame

I.4.03. __ Visit Germany

I.4.03.01. __ Frankfurt

I.4.03.02. __ Visit The House Where My Mother Grew Up

I.4.03.04. __ Visit Neuschwanstein

I.4.06. __ Visit Ireland

I.4.09.02. __ Visit Rome

I.4.09.03. __ Venice

I.4.09.04. __Visit Pompeii

I.4.09.06. __ Visit Herculaneum

I.4.09.10. __ The Vatican

I.4.17. __ Visit Spain

Africa & Middle East

I.5.02.01. __ Visit Tangiers

II. Adventure / Sport

II.06. __ Learn archery

III. Academic / Professional

III.04. __ Get an MA

III.05. __ Get a PhD

III.09. __ Attend the Battle Conference

IV. Lifestyle / Personal Improvement

IV.01. __ Smoke a Cuban Cigar

IV.06. __ Learn Latin

IV.11. __ Dance in the rain

IV.19. __ Own a rare bottle of Whiskey

IV.25. __ Stay in a relationship for at least one year

IV.27. __ Make Uncle Bill’s Truffles

V. Music

V.05. __ See Dio live

V.07. __ See Saxon live

VI. Reading

VI.01.01. __ Read The Lovers of Yvonne / The Suitors of Yvonne

VI.01.02. __ Read The Tavern Knight

VI.01.03. __Read Bardelys the Magnificent

VI.01.05. __ Read Love-at-Arms

VI.01.06. __ Read The Shame of Motley

VI.01.08. __ Read Mistress Wilding / Anthony Wilding

VI.01.10. __ The Justice of the Duke

VI.01.11. __ Read The Life of Cesare Borgia

VI.01.12. __ The Strolling Saint

VI.01.14. __ Read The Gates of Doom

VI.01.15. __ Read The Sea Hawk

VI.01.20. __ Read Scaramouche

VI.01.21. __ Read Captain Blood: His Odyssey

VI.01.22. __Read Fortune’s Fool

VI.01.23. __ Read The Carolinian

VI.01.24. __ Read The Tyrant

VI.01.25. __ Read Bellarion the Fortunate

VI.01.26. __ The Nuptials of Corbal

VI.01.27. __Read The Hounds of God

VI.01.29. __Read The Reaping

VI.01.30. __ Read The King’s Minion / The Minion

VI.01.31. __ Read Scaramouche the Kingmaker

VI.01.32. __ Read Captain Blood Returns

VI.01.33. __ Read The Black Swan

VI.01.35. __ Read Venetian Masque

VI.01.36. __ Read Heroic Lives

VI.01.37. __Read Chivalry

VI.01.38. __ Read The Fortunes of Captain Blood

VI.01.39. __ Read The Lost King

VI.01.41. __ Read The Sword of Islam

VI.01.42. __ Read The Marquis of Carabas / Master-at-Arms

VI.01.43. __Read Columbus

VI.01.44. __ Read King in Prussia / The Birth of Mischief

VI.01.45. __ Read Turbulent Tales

VI.01.46. __ Read The Gamester

VI.01.48. __ Read The Fortunes of Casanova & Other Stories

VI.03. __Read Dante’s Divine Comedy

VI.18.01. __ Read The Colour of Magic

VI.18.02. __ Read The Light Fantastic

VI.18.03. __ Read Equal Rites

VI.20.01.01. __ Read The Celts: A Very Short Introduction

VI.20.01.02. __ Read Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction

VI.20.01.03. __ Read The Anglo-Saxon Age: A Very Short Introduction

VI.20.01.04. __ Read The Norman Conquest: A Very Short Introduction

VI.20.01.05. __ Read Medieval Britain: A Very Short Introduction

VI.20.01.06. __ Read The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction

VI.20.01.07. __ Read Stuart Britain: A Very Short Introduction

VI.22. __ Read Every Issue of Cerebus in Order One More Time

VI.24. __ Read The Mark of Zorro

VI.30.001. __ Read Amatus of Montecassino, The History of the Normans

VI.30.008. __ Read Beowulf

VI.30.013. __ Read Chretien de Troyes, Erec and Enide

VI.30.021. __ Read Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

VI.30.029. __ Read Galbert de Bruges, The Murder of Charles the Good

VII. Misc. Goals

VII.07.08. __Collect Issues #500-600 of Amazing Spider-Man

VII.12. __ Find the courage to go on an upside-down roller-coaster

VII.17.06. __ Collect Issues #1-13 (Vol. 2) of Fantastic Four

VII.17.08. __ Collect Issues #500-588 of Fantastic Four

VII.19. __ Catch up on my Coin Collection

VII.19.01. __ Grade My Coin Collection

VII.19.04. __ Complete my Rosevelt Dime Collection

VII.19.05. __ Complete my Washington Quarter Collection

VII.22. __ Go to an Aquarium

VIII. Goal Milestones

VIII.2. __ Complete 1/4 of my goals list

Site Updates:

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List Update 10 Sept. 2009 (September 10, 2009)

List Update, 2009 (February 23, 2010)

The Saga of Captain Blood (March 24, 2010)

A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio (May 17, 2010)

Anglo-Saxon Buildings (July 19, 2010)

List Update, July 2010 (July 26, 2010)

List Update, October 2010 (Oct. 18, 2010)

List Update, May 2011 (May 16, 2011)

List Update, January 2012 (Jan. 30, 2012)

A Move (May 14, 2012)


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