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I.2.01.07 Find that Beautiful Beach in Washington

Date accomplished: Summer 2007

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

My grandparents used to live in Seattle, and my family would visit them every year in the summer when I was growing up.  One year, they took us out to Olympic National Park, and specifically to the part of the park that was along the coast.  I remembered an amazing hike through thick woodland that just opened out to a beautiful and spectacular beach.  Being as far north as it is, the beach was certainly nothing like California beaches were people go to sunbathe (or even swim for that matter), but the fact that there were so few people there was something that appealed to me.  We eventually drove home from that beach to my grandparents house, where I discovered that a painting that was hung in their TV room was of the place we had just visited.  After staring at that painting for a while and remembering what I had just seen there, I told myself that I was going to go back every opportunity that I got.

Forest Path

Forest Path

Well, my grandparents have since moved from Seattle, so I had few excused to go back to Washington state for well over ten years.  Long enough for me to forget the name of the beach.  I did still have an uncle who lived in Washington, and in the summer of 2007, my father and I decided to drive up to visit him (mostly to drop off some of my other grandmother’s possessions to him after she passed away).   I told my father about the beach (he wasn’t there the first time I saw it), and we made plans to include it in our trip. 

Beach 2

Beach 2

We took a ferry out to Kingston and drove across the park to the coast.  Getting near there, I began to remember a little more about where the beach was – particularly that it was near the town of La Push.  We managed to find the hiking path I remember (which I believe lead to the unmemorably named ‘Beach 2’).  We did the hike to the coast, and wandered around the beach there for a while, but it wasn’t quite what I remembered (spectacular though it was).  The reason being?  I was remembering two different beaches.  My father and I didn’t stay too long because we had our dog with us (who wasn’t permitted on the trail or beach).  We decided to pack up the pup, and keep moving down the coast to find the other beach.

Zephyr at Ruby Beach

Zephyr at Ruby Beach

This time, we were able to take the dog with us out onto Ruby Beach.  This is the one that was in the painting the hung in my grandparents house.  Loads of driftwood everywhere, with the most spectacular views on could imagine (and I’m sorry my descriptions here are rather repetitive, but I just don’t have the words to explain the place.  Hopefully my photos have done the place justice).  It was a very serene experience, and I was glad to have the dog, Zephyr, there.  Having living his whole life in Colorado, Zephyr had never seen a large body of water before, and it was fun watching him attacking, then running away from the ocean waves.

So I managed to find my way back to Ruby Beach, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep that promise to myself to go back to it at every opportunity I have.



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