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I. Visit London

Date Accomplished: 15 June, 2000

A Marker, Showing the City Limits of London

London is the first place in Europe I visited, and I have since been back many times.  My first trip was a part of a long Europe trip with a group from my High School the summer I graduated, and there is very little about that trip I remember.  Luckily, I kept a journal and have been reading through it to prepare myself for this post and subsequent posting about this trip.  I’ll spare anyone reading this the emotional and over-the-top language I used in my writing back then.

It was interesting to see from my journal that I apparently had two goals I wanted to accomplish on my trip to London: Get my picture taken with the Richard I statue outside of Parliament, and to draw a sketch of Parliament.  I remember the first, because it is still a goal of mine (I did have my picture taken with the statue in the background and myself in front of the fence between the road and parliament building, but I want to get behind this fence someday and be right next to the statue).  The sketch of Parliament I don’t remember at all.  I apparently wasn’t able to finish it in this first trip with the school group, but finished it when I returned on the 30th of June.  It’s not very good, but probably better than I could do now (I was certainly more artistic back then).

My sketch of the Parliment Building

This was such a short stay, that we really only hit the large tourist destinations: Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Covent Gardens, Big Ben (Interestingly enough, I didn’t take any picture of Big Ben… And yes, I know that’s the name of the bell and not the tower itself, but I really don’t care about being that specific), etc.  I believe it was on my second trip that I finally got to see The Tower of London (although we did drive by it while driving across Tower Bridge on this first trip).  unfortunately, I can’t find my photographs from this trip (this was all way before I had a digital camera), but the Tower is the only thing in London I remember seeing.  I’d have to say that my favorite spots in London are the British Museum and Westminster Abbey.  The Museum is rather obvious, and it is just full of interesting and historical objects that the British have looted over the years.  The Abbey is just a beautiful piece of architecture, and of course houses many of the monarchs of England and other important people in British history (such as Isaac Newton who comes to mind). 

Tower Bridge Rising

The academic year of 2009-10 saw me going down to London quite often as my girlfriend lived down there at the time.  We got to know many of the little areas such as Spitalfields and Camden, and seen some of the exhibits at the National Gallery and the Tate (but always avoided the Tate Modern – not much of a fan of modern art myself).  Now that I am back in the United States, I kind of miss the ability to run off to London every now and then, because there simply is so much to do there.  Granted, I would not want to live there – I’m just not a big city person.  But as always, London is a fantastic place to visit, and I will never pass on the opportunity of going there again.



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