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VI.01.30. Read The King’s Minion / The Minion

Date Accomplished: 16 June 2011

The King’s Minion: P.F. Collier Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“A gentleman without Latin!  Ud’s death!  It’s worse than a woman without chastity.” (20)

“Have you observed … that in this world things never happen as the foolish and presumptuous plan them?” (88)

“It is characteristic of weak, unstable natures to give generously under pressure, and, thereafter, hating their own weakness, to hate the recipient of the gifts.” (101)

“I gaze on you as I’ve seen them gaze in Spain on images of worship, save that I never saw one gaze with the half of devotion that I feel.” (106)

“Is his own self a topic upon which any man dare be truthful?” (109)

“There never was a pure and lovely flower in any garden but slugs must be defiling it.” (155)

The Minion

This is likely to be the most depressing Sabatini book I have read.  There is only one character that can at all be considered ‘good,’ and unlike so many of Sabatini’s novels, it ends on a very low note.  But then, that should be expected when Sabatini gave the subtitle as “Being the rise and fall of Robert Carr…” etc.  The rise must take place in the beginning, and the fall will inevitably follow.

Like many of Sabatini’s novels, the plot was complicated, and made a little more difficult at times by the changing titles of the characters.  There was also a multitude of minor characters playing important roles that were difficult to keep track of at times.

While I enjoyed reading The King’s Minion (the other title of just The Minion would have been more appropriate – I don’t know why it was changed) and appreciate that Sabatini had finally done something different for his ending.  I did not care for this book as much as many of Sabatini’s other novels.  It is still worth a read, but perhaps not a re-read.


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