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VI.01.46. Read The Gamester

Date Accomplished:  22 August 2009

 The Gamester: Hutchinson’s Universal Book Club Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“Do not let us exaggerate.  There was never yet a gamester without superstition.  You all make votive offerings to Madame Fortune upon whom you all depend.” (14)

“For myself, I hope I shall never regard honest criticism as ill-mannered.” (57)

“To be aggrieved is the normal state of the taxpayer.” (57)

“… in a woman a fair face and a white breast are a form of wit that’s most esteemed by men.” (86)

“Governing bodies are never more suspect than when they plausibly urge the interest of the people and act under the mask of public benefaction.” (118)

“To be sure suspicion must feed upon itself ans swell by what it feeds on.” (186)

The Gamester

I believe The Gamester is the final novem Sabatini wrote before he died.  In some way, because of this, I think I was hoping it would be a sad ending, as it was.  The vain egoist that Sabatini loves is finally broken in this book.  John Law does not become the victor in the end (even though he does remain in the right almost throughout) nor does he get the girl that one expects him to pursue, but instead finds new love in his wife at the end which lends a happy-sadness to the conclusion.

I was a little taken aback by the subject of this book, being about stocks and finances.  It was quite refreshing and rather poignant considering the financial situation in the world today (I am writing this on 22 August 2009).  It was interesting to see how Sabatini viewed the economy and what sound advice he could offer to today’s politicians with a needed eloquence.  Granted, he was writing about early 18th century France and not today (which makes it difficult to categorize this book, as I tend to do with his works, since it is set too early to be considered a book about the French Revolution.  Perhaps the seeds of the Revolution?).



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