Posted by: vikingsinspace | November 14, 2011

VI.20.01.01. Read The Celts: A Very Short Introduction

Date Accomplished: 26 January 2011

VSI The Celts

While it might have been a mistake to place this book under the broad category of ‘British History,’ it nevertheless covered some of the pre-history of the modern ‘celtic’ areas of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany (okay, and Cornwall too…).  The author takes apart the term ‘Celt’ to show how it had become a general term for ‘barbarians’ from the North East in Ancient times, and that this generalized term had become synonymous with a certain group of peoples.  It seems the author is pushing his own theory that the ‘celts’ is a term useful to describe a people who made use of traveling the Atlantic coastal seaways, and while not a single homogenous people, they heavily influenced one another along these ocean trade routes.  It’s an interesting theory, and one that certainly makes sense.


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