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VI.01.37. Read Chivalry

Date accomplished: ???

Chivalry: House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

My Sabatini Journal

“A beautiful woman … is worth any journey.” (7)

“States are very much like individuals, and that the smaller their consequence the greater is the ceremony with which they seek to inflate it.” (9)

“Men who are not to be bribed by gold into dangerous paths will tread them, nevertheless, to pursue a yielding woman.” (154)

“One of the lessons age teaches is that prudence is better than nobility.  The first is a necessity in this world; the second a mere adornment.” (187)

“Wisdom is the thief of all the joys of life.” (222)

“I have the weakness to account honour one of life’s realities.” (256)



Whilst Chivalry still retains some of the general formula of Sabatini’s books, it had the pleasant differentiation of having four different maidens that the protagonist, Messer Colombino, was involved with; one of whom was perhaps the vilest villain in the book.  Colombino was a mercenary with aspirations to knighthood and a chivalric ideal in an age where chivalry was no longer practiced.  It almost seemed a commentary by Sabatini on our own times.  Colombino remains a gentleman almost throughout, and it is only when he does the honourable and chivalrous deeds required of him towards the ladies does his reputation flounder.  It is interesting that Colombino is saved in the end by an act of chivalry and humility (and love too, or course) by one of the ladies in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Chivalry, even though it was one of Sabatini’s Renaissance Italy books (I prefer the pirate ones of course!).

(After writing this, I became aware of the English mercenary Sir John Hawkwood, whose life and exploits sound very similar to those of Messer Colombino, and may very well have been the inspiration for Sabatini’s character.  I have also found an appreciation for Sabatini’s Medieval and Renaissance Italy novels, which I am afraid I may have read all of by now…)



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