Posted by: vikingsinspace | September 5, 2011

VI.01.05. Read Love-at-Arms

Date Accomplished: 2 April 2011

Love-At-Arms: House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“We forgive much to the impetuousness of youth” (54)

“You promised bravely … to play the lion.  But so far, we have only heard the braying of an ass.” (100)

“Love has no stronger promoter than a danger shared” (142)

“The kitchen was to him as the shrine of some minor cult, and if his breviary and beads commanded from him the half of the ecstatic fervour of his devotions to pot and pan, to cauldron and to spit, then was canonisation indeed assured him.” (144)

“.. the things men seek to conceal are usually the very things at imports most to have knowledge of.” (183)


This is now the second time I have read Love-At-Arms, which was the sole remaining Sabatini book that I had read before staring this journal.  I remembered little of the book from my first reading, other than a knight had withstood a siege to protect a lady.  I also remembered thinking it was a little boring.

I believe I found the book to be more entertaining the second time I read it, but would still not place it among The Sea Hawk or Scaramouche.  It does have its charms though, such as how Francesco del Faco raised the siege at Roccaleone (even if his means of doing so was a bit contrived).  I may be a little gentler with this novel than I should be as I have grown to really enjoy Sabatini’s Italian novels, and this is one of the few remaining ones I have to read.  Either way, I still enjoyed Love-At-Arms, but it will never live up to some of Sabatini’s better novels.


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