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VII.07.08 Collect Issues #500-600 of Amazing Spider-Man

Date Accomplished: July 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #500

Amazing Spider-Man #500

My introduction to comic books was through Spider-Man, and he remains to this day my favorite character.  I grew up watching videos of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and always felt a bit of a connection to the character.  That’s his main appeal, I guess.  When I began buying and reading comics in earnest, it was when Amazing Spider-Man, the main Spider-Man title, was numbering in the three hundreds, and I decided then I wanted to own every issue of my favorite book.  Breaking the collecting down into chunks of hundred issue runs, I always figured the 301-400 would be the first run I would collect, but I guess I was wrong.  Thanks to Marvel comics setting a new release scheduele for Amazing Spider-Man, the book now comes out three times a month, instead of just once a month.  Issue #600 came early, and I managed to get each issue from 500 to 600 as they came out.

Amazing Spider-Man #600

Amazing Spider-Man #600

So if I started out in the three hundreds, why wasn’t it #401-500 I got together first?  Well, anyone who is familiar with the Spider-Man comics will know about the Clone Saga, and how the comic just started to go horribly wrong.  I had a subscription when that was happening, and it got so frustrating that I just stopped reading comics altogether.  Then the Spider-Man movie came out, and I figured I would give my childhood hero a chance again for fun.  I saw the movie, loved it, and got sucked back into comics, remembering the goal I had of getting every issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

#500 to 600 may be the only substantial block of Spider-Man issues I own, but I do currently have half of every issue of Amazing Spider-Man.  I’ve been keeping up with new issues as they come out, but the chunk of comics I have been focusing on getting now is #30-130; the Gwen Stacy years.  The next time I update this goal, it will most likely be for getting together those issues.  If not, then perhaps it’s for collecting #601-700.


The cover images come from The Marvel Database.  They’re a cool site if you’re a Marvel comics geek.  Check ’em out.



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