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I.4.03.02. See The House Where My Mother Grew Up

Date Accomplished: 2 July 2000

My Mother’s House

My mother lived in Germany from the age of five until she moved to the United States with my father at the age of twenty-five.  She is an American, but my grandfather worked as a civil engineer for the US Army in Frankfurt, meaning they lived there for many years!  In fact, my grandparents continued to live in Germany for many years after my mother moved back to the United States, but for how many extra years they were there I don’t know.  My mother always told stories about her life in Germany and the things she and her sisters would do and the places they visited, so I had quite the interest in seeing just where she lived to bring a greater reality to the in my mind.  So when my father and sister and I visited Germany, we made a special trip out to her old house to have a look at it.

The Field Opposite My Mother’s House

I’m actually a little amazed that my father remembered how to get there.  We didn’t use a map at all, but as soon as we got out of the city centre of Frankfurt, my father just took over and drove right out to it.  He even got around a detour to the particular street which has apparently been there since my mother lived there!  The end of the street has apparently been closed off for that long, giving the neighborhood a closed off feeling like living at the end of a dead-end road.  Coupled with this a beautiful field jus opposite the house, and it felt very much like we were in the country, even though we were not far from town.  My mother always loved the view from her house, so asked me to take a picture of this field, which we later compared to one she took just before moving away.  The field and fences themselves havn’t changed at all – only a few tall buildings on the Frankfurt skyline have been added in that time.

The Church By My Mother’s House

We didn’t go inside the house, since we had no idea who lived there and didn’t feel like testing our German to ask for a look around.  From what I could tell from the outside though, it looked like a very nice house, placed up several feet from the street, and in a gorgeous location.  There is also an old church at the end of the road that my mother had pictures of in my house growing up that I had to have a look at as well.  We couldn’t get in, but it was nice to have a look around.



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