Posted by: vikingsinspace | September 10, 2009

List Update, 10 Sept. 2009

26 goals have been added to the list and two goals have been accomblished, bringing the totals to 313 goals, 88 goals accomplished.  The added goals are these:

I.3.02.01. __ Ariau Towers

I. __ Legoland

I. __ Fountain Abbey

I. __ Climb to the top of Notre-Dame

I.6.02.04. __ Hong Kong

II.12. __ Chase the setting sun

II.13. __ Own season tickets to the Denver Broncos

III.11. __ Make a significant contribution to my field of study

III.12. __ Payoff my education debt

III.12.1. __ Credit card

III.12.2. __ Grandparents

III.12.3. __ Private loan

III.12.4. __ Stafford loan

III.13. __ Have a steady job in Academia

IV.03.01. __ have a big housewarming party

IV.19. __ Own a rare bottle of Whiskey

IV.20. __ Own an old bottle of wine

IV.21. __ Save a special bottle of wine for my wedding reception

IV.22. __ Get a concealed weapons permit

IV.23. __ Finally have white teeth

IV.24. __ Contribute to the charity of my choice

IV.25. __ Stay in a relationship for at least one year

VII.13. __ Milk a cow

VII.14. __ Build a Trebuchet

VII.15. __ Watch every James Bond film

VII.16. __ Build a scale model of a castle and village using Legos


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