Posted by: vikingsinspace | September 5, 2009

V.05. See Dio Live

Date Accomplished:  2000/1? 

It is somewhat frustrating that so far, this is the only goal I have accomplished in the music category.  I love music, particularly some classic/80s metal bands, and if I want to see these bands live, I am really going to have to get working before these old guys die off on me.  Dio has been one of my favorites for a while, and is so far the only one of my top 5 bands/performers I have seen live. 




Despite missing live gigs from my other favorite bands, I have see Dio twice.  The first time was when Dio was on his “Magica” tour.  My sister had actually gotten me tickets for my birthday and so I brought her with me.  She hated it.  But she’s never really liked metal anyway.  The band played the new album in its entirety, which is not so strange considering it was a concept album.  

I saw Dio for the second time on their tour in support of their next album, “Killing the Dragon.”  Dio was touring with Deep Purple and the Scorpions, andwas the first band to play on the night.  They were easily the best of the three, with loads of energy, andof course Ronnie himself really knows how to work the crowd.  Second up was Deep Purple who were a huge disappointment.  I have a couple of Purple albums and enjoy them, but their performance was just embarrassing.  Ian Gillan was acting like a lounge singer for the whole thing!  The Scorpions thankfully ended the night well. 

Killing the Dragon

Killing the Dragon


While I wish I have seen more of my favorite bands than Dio, I am glad I managed to see them live for these two tours.  It seemed Dio was getting back to the top of his game from floundering from the previous albums, and was before another mediocre album, “Master of the Moon.”  Ronnie’s voice I think has also started to go a bit; he’s currently with the group “Heaven and Hell” which is kind of a 2nd incarnation Black Sabbath reunion group, and while his voice sounds great on the studio recordings, the live recording seemed to be lacking a bit.  Oh well, I can say I caught Dio’s second wind. 

Update: Ronnie James Dio died on May 16th, 2010.  I feel lucky that I got to see him in concert twice, and sad that one of my favorite musicians is gone.  I wrote a tribute to Dio the day after his death, which can be found here.



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