Posted by: vikingsinspace | March 24, 2010

The Saga of Captain Blood

This is not a regular post since it is not in my goals list, but it is a couple of pages I included in my Sabatini journal after reading the three Captain Blood novels:

I have attempted to put all of the Captain Blood stories in chronological order.  They are listed here numbered in chronological order (in Roman numerals), the title of the book the story comes from (CB = Captain Blood, His Odyssey; CBR = Captain Blood Returns; FCB = The Fortunes of Captain Blood), the chapter number from the respective book (in Arabic numerals), then the chapter / story title.

I. CB 1, The Messenger

II. CB 2, Kirke’s Dragoons

III. CB 3, The Lord Chief Justice

IV. CB 4, Human Merchandise

V. CB 5, Arabella Bishop

VI. CB 6, Plans of Escape

VII. CB 7, Pirates

VIII. CB 8, Spaniards

IX. CB 9, The Rebels-Convict

X. CB 10, Don Diego

XI. CB 11, Filial Piety

XII. CB 12, Don Pedro Sangre

XIII. CBR 1, The Blank Shot

XIV. CBR 2, The Treasure Ship

XV. CBR 4, The War Indemnity

XVI. CB 13, Tortuga

XVII. CB 14, Levasseur’s Heroics

XVIII. CB 15, The Ransom

XIX. CB 16, The Trap

XX. CB 17, The Dupes

XXI. CBR 5, Blood Money

XXII. CBR 6, The Gold at Santa Maria

XXIII. FCB 1, The Dragon’s Jaw

XXIV. FCB 2, The Pretender

XXV. FCB 3, The Demonstration

XXVI. FCB 4, The Deliverance

XXVII. FCB 5, Sacrilege

XXVIII. FCB 6, The Eloping Hidalga

XXIX. CBR 7, The Love Story of Jeremy Pitt

XXX. CBR 8, The Expiation of Madame de Coulevain

XXXI. CBR 9, The Gratitude of Monsieur de Coulevain

XXXII. CBR 10, Gallows Key

XXXIII. CB 18, The Milagrosa

XXXIV. CB 19, The Meeting

XXXV. CB 20, Thief and Pirate

XXXVI. CB 21, The Service of King James

XXXVII. CB 22, Hostilities

XXXVIII. CB 23, Hostages

XXXIX. CB 24, War

XL. CB 25, The Service of King Louis

XLI. CB 26, M. de Rivarol

XLII. CB 27, Cartagena

XLIII. CB 28, The Honour of M. de Rivarol

XLIV. CB 29, The Service of King William

XLV. CB 30, The Last Fight of the Arabella

XLVI. CB 31, His Excellency the Governor

CBR 3, The King’s Messanger

‘The King’s Messanger’ is given a date that places it two years after Captain Blood becomes governor, but storywise seems to fit in more likely between numbers XIV and XV.  Also, number XXXII could fit between XXIX and XXX.


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