Vikings in Space is essentialy a list of my lifelong goals and a way to record when I have achieved them.  At the time of publishing online, I have 287 goals I wish to achieve, of which 86 have already been accomplished (as of starting this site: see the tagline of the site for a running count).  Goals can never be removed from the list, but can always be added to the list.  I have broken the goals down into seven catagories:

I. Travel. 

This is by far the largest catagory, as I had caught the travel bug when I was very young.  For the most part, the list is not entered in any particular order, but the only exception to this is item #1 in the travel catagory: Travel to all 7 Continents.

II. Adventure / Sport.

Everyone has a bit of an adventurous side, although I am really quite tame when it comes to this.  The most ambitious entry would have to be #07: Go to Space.  Hopefully space tourism will pick up in my lifetime.

III. Academic / Professional

Where my livleyhood ambitions lie.  I am currently in the process of working on #05: Get a PhD.  Hopefully this will be done by September 2010.

IV. Lifestyle / Personal Improvement

How I want to live, and the person I want to be.  The one I am most excited about would have to be #12: Be Truley Free.

V. Music

Music has always played a large part in my life, and I have done little to see my favorite bands in concert.  I want to chage that.  As you can tell, I mostly enjoy classic metal, but I am also a huge classical fan and enjoy good rock and roll too.  I have so far done half of #6: Form a band and go on tour; just not the tour part.

VI. Reading

Yep, I’m a book nerd.  My favorite author is Rafael Sabatini, and that is why Item #1 is: Read the works of Rafael Sabatini.

VII. Miscellaneous

Anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.  Here is where my nerdness comes out in full force, such as item #07: own a copy of every issue of Amazing Spider-Man

VIII. Goal Milestones

I find accomplishing large tasks are easier when they are broken down into several smaller tasks, so that is the purpose behind the goal milestones.  Obviously, the main goal to accomplish here is #5: Complete my Goals List.

So why do it?  To make sure I live the life I want.  Why publish it online?  Narcissism perhaps.  A public display to embarress myself to keep working on it.  Why the name?  Because the thought of Vikings in Space is funny.  And before anyone calls me on it, no, I have not seen the movie ‘The Bucket List.’  I have no clue what’s in it.  My list may be a similar premise, but it was not ‘inspired’ by that film.  I always thought of my goals as a kid, but never wrote them down.  Now I’m doing it, and expanding on it to include just about any activity that will take some work to accomplish.

So that’s it.  Check out the list here.



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