Posted by: vikingsinspace | September 12, 2011

VII.17.06. Collect Issues #1-13 (Vol. 2) of Fantastic Four

Date Accomplished: 29 January 2011

Fantastic Four Vol. 2 #1

I came across a chance to buy all thirteen issues of the second volume of Fantastic Four fairly cheaply, so decided to go ahead and fill this small category in my FF collection.  This is kind of a strange point in the Marvel Universe, where a character named Onslaught killed off the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, but it turns out these characters were sent to a pocket universe created by Franklin Richards (son of Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four).  I had stopped reading comic books when all this was happening, so I never really knew the full story, but heard bits and pieces every now and then.  I recall this being a time in comics where the stories themselves were suffering, but the artwork was becoming excellent.  I could tell just looking at these that the art was going to be good, but I did have some concerns about the storyline.

Fantastic Four Vol. 2 #13

The story itself is actually really well done for the most part.  These thirteen issues are a retelling of sorts of the FF’s origins, and a reworking of some of the most important storylines into a modern more coherent whole.  The story started to break up a little bit in the last couple of issues, but this is most likely because they were parts of a crossover with other marvel comics in the Heroes Reborn “universe” and I was only reading one part (one of the reasons I stopped reading comics at this time was because they kept doing these crossovers, and I kept having to buy other issues to get the full story – I couldn’t afford to do that, so I simply stopped reading).  I was even more surprised to see a bunch of characters from the WildStorm universe making appearances in the final issue.  It was only until now that I learned for this whole Heroes Reborn series, that marvel had actually let out the comics to WildStorm (specifically to Jim Lee) to produce these comics (and also to Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios for some of the other books).


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