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Date Accomplished: 26 July 2010

Inside Christchurch College

This is actually the second time I have been to Oxford, but the first time was a short day trip while with a school group and I didn’t get to see much.  This time I was lucky, as I had the whole day to explore, and had a competent tour guide in my girlfriend who had spent several summers working in Oxford with a U.S. Student Exchange program.

We started our tour by going to the Castle Mound, which I was interested to see since I had once written a paper on the siege of Oxford in the early twelfth century.  There’s sadly not much to see, just the remnants of the motte.  The keep was still there, and I can’t remember why we didn’t go in – I suspect it cost money that we didn’t want to pay.

Anglo-Saxon Tower

We then climbed the Anglo-Saxon Tower (which is the oldest building in Oxford) on our way to visit Christchurch college.  There was a huge line to enter Christchurch, so we decided to wander around the river in hopes that the line would die down a little, but sadly it didn’t.  So we ended up waiting for a good hour to enter.  I wouldn’t say Christchurch was amazing, but I’m certainly glad I saw it, as the cathedral inside was nice and some of the stained glass in the dinning hall was interesting too.  We followed up Christchurch by going to Trinity College where my girlfriend had stayed, and I thought this was a much nicer college, just in terms of it being smaller and a little more secluded with a very nice garden.

We finished the day by getting drinks with a friend of ours who was doing an internship at Oxford University Press, and then followed that with a meal at the Eagle and Child – the pub frequented by Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.



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  2. Oxford is beautiful and old. I have been there a couple times while doing a semester abroad in Oxfordshire (Banbury).
    You were lucky for your tour guide. Nice photos also.

    • Thanks for the kind words – it was a good visit, and a nice part of the country.

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