Posted by: vikingsinspace | June 27, 2011

VI.01.29. Read The Reaping

Date Accomplished: 20 October, 2010

The Reaping: The Reader’s Library Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“Rancour to be kept alive must know no truce.” (74)

“I am a soldier, Cadedi!  I have survived five wounds, all of them in front, made with clean steel.  Do you think a stab in the back from the dirty tongue of a politician is going to trouble me?” (97)

“… there is a point at which courage becomes madness and whilst profiting none, destroys him who displays it.” (112)

This short novel is one of the most difficult works of Sabatini’s to obtain, because it was only published in England in 1929.  The Reaping came two years after The Nuptials of Corbal, Sabatini’s other short novel, and is similarly placed during the French Revolution.  The Reaping likewise features a woman, citoyenne Angèle Vidal, although the main thrust of the story comes from her husband’s actions.

The Reaping

This was a fun and quick book to read (I managed to finish it during a long layover and subsequently had nothing to read on my even longer flight!).  It was also slightly predictable, I’m sad to say.  I don’t know if it was predictable because Sabatini had used the same twist in another story (it felt familiar), or if I have just been reading so much of his works lately that I am getting used to it.  Either way, I think it is time for a Sabatini break.


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