Posted by: vikingsinspace | May 9, 2011

I.4. Visit Europe

Date Accomplished: Summer 2000 and many times after

Rothenburg, Germany

This goal, to see Europe, is probably the first goal I set for myself.  As I have said in other posts, my mother was raised in Germany, and my father lived there for five years, so Europe always seemed like an important of my family history, but I had never been there.  My sister and I swore to one another that once I graduated from High School, we would go on a tour of Europe.  We had it all planned out – visiting England, France, Germany, then Italy and Greece.  Our trip didn’t quite work out that way (I still haven’t made it to Greece…), but it was still a great experience.  Moreso than the trip itself, the fact that I was able to accomplish such a large goal that I had set for myself for many years gave me a great sense of fulfillment. 

A Castle in Lisbon, Portugal

I have since been back to Europe many times.  I was even able to live in England for five years, which enabled me to not only travel to many wonderful places there, but also see many spots on the continent.  Looking back now, England is certainly my favorite place to visit, but that is mostly because I now have so many friends there.  I have many wonderful memories of Italy too, and would love to spend more time there.  I have yet to travel around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, but I am sure one day I will accomplish this.  While there are plenty of European destinations still on my goals list, I do feel like I have seen plenty of this continent, and my future travels should be elsewhere.  However, I already have a trip planned back to England, but this time I will be making more of an effort to see parts of Scotland.

Salzburg, Austria



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