Posted by: vikingsinspace | November 7, 2011

VII.19.01. Grade My Coin Collection

Date Accomplished: 18 April 2011

A Sample of Some of My Graded Coins

I had once tried to grade my coin collection back in the early 2000s, but I gave up.  I think I graded most of my pennies and some of my nickels, but then just stopped.  I believe I kept all the grades on a computer file that I have now lost (and was probably on Wordperfect anyway, so I don’t think I could access it now even if I wanted to…), so would have to start all over again to grade my collection. 

Accomplishing this goal was actually not a matter of determination, but actually boredom.  I had a lot of time on my hands when I was out of work, and no money to do anything, so I had to do something to keep myself occupied.  I usually got around to grading my coins when I had got tired of reading, and so actually enjoyed an excuse to turn on some music or talk radio and just look at the art on the coins.  I am by no means a professional and am sure many of my grades are not accurate, but I’m pretty sure they are close, and that is good enough for me.  So long as I have some idea of the grade, I can also have an idea of the value which takes this a little beyond a simple hobby and into the realm of an investment.  I don’t have any intention of selling my collection, but I could foresee the need to do so if I ever got into serious financial trouble.


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