Posted by: vikingsinspace | July 26, 2010

List Update, July 2010

I have added a new category to the List: VIII Goal Milestones.  I find accomplishing large tasks are easier when they are broken down into several smaller tasks, so that is the purpose behind the goal milestones.  I now have the goal of finishing 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and the whole of my goal list.  In addition, I have also added the goal of writing up all the goals I have accomplished on this website (lord knows I’ve got a lot to catch up on).  I have also changed one of my goals: I inadvertently placed the goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro under the country of Kenya instead of Tanzania.  A friend of mine from Kenya tells me it is possible to climb the mountain from there, but the route I want to take starts and goes through Tanzania.  So, with that lengthy introduction, the meat of this post:

The following goals have been added:

I.2.01.11. Revisit Yellowstone

I.2.01.12. New Orleans

I.2.01.12. La Brea Tar Pits

I. Kew Gardens

I. Chillingham Wild Cattle

I. Richmond Castle

I.4.06.02. Guinness factory in Dublin

VI.22. Read every issue of Cerebus in order one more time

VI.23. Tarzan of the Apes

VI.24. The Mark of Zorro

VI.25. The Works of Shakespeare

VI.26. Oscar Wilde De Profundus

VII.20. Build/Restore a car

VII.21. Wear every tie I own at least once

VII.22. Go to an Aquarium

VII.23. Watch Every Episode of LOST in Order

VIII.1. Write up each of my completed goals

VIII.2. Complete 1/4 of my goals list

VIII.3. Complete 1/2 of my goals list

VIII.4. Complete 3/4 of my goals list

VIII.5. Complete my goals list

The following goals have been accomplished:

I. Climb Monument

I. Ride the London Eye

I. Visit Legoland

I. Visit Hampton Court

I. Visit Brighton (Royal Pavilion)

VI.01.26. Read The Nuptials of Corbal

VI.01.36. Read Heroic Lives

This takes the count to 440 goals, and 101 accomplished


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