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VI.01.33. Read The Black Swan

Date Accomplished: ???

The Black Swan: Buccaneer Books Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“I see in Monsieur de Bernis a man placed by birth and experience above the petty need of standing upon his dignity.” (20)

“Derision he thought was the surest corrosive to apply to such heresies.” (20)

“We meet so few whom we are concerned ever to meet again.” (21)

“We always love those we need.” (51)

“For obstinacy commend me to a woman.” (67)

“Obstinacy … is ever the last refuge of a stupid man.” (81)

“If a man is an oaf he offends himself, not me.” (118)

The Black Swan

It is fairly obvious that Sabatini was enjoying himself when he wrote The Black Swan.  I think there are more quips and one-liners in this book than any of the other Sabatini novels have so far read.  He particularly enjoys himself at the expense of the character of Major Sands, who is continually pointed out as being stupid and inept.

Much like Captain Blood, this book is everything a pirate novel should be.  There are ship engagements and fencing matches, and a gross depiction of how cruel and horrible these pirates actually were.

At the beginning I could not remember anything about the book from my previous reading, but I was quickly reminded to where the surprises at the end did not catch me off guard.  Unfortunate.



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