Posted by: vikingsinspace | October 18, 2010

List Update, October 2010

Just a quick list update here, done mostly because I was able to accomplish 1/4 of my goals this month.  Only a few new ones added, but I also wanted to continue recording the goals I have accomplished on this update.  So with that:

The following goals have been added:

I.2.01.14. Visit Boston

I.2.10. Visit Toronto

III.12.5. Repay my Girlfriend

VI.18.38. Read I Shall Wear Midnight

VI.27. Read Ivanhoe

VI.28. Read every Marvel Essential TPB

The following goals have been accomplished:

I. See Dover Castle

I. Visit Runnymeade

I.  Climb Tower Bridge

I.  See a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre 

I. Kew Gardens

I.  Visit Oxford

V.07. See Saxon live

VI.01.02. Read the Tavern Knight

VI.01.10. Read The Justice of the Duke

VI.01.44. Read King in Prussia

VI.01.45. Read Turbulent Tales

VIII.2. Complete 1/4 of my Goals list

This brings the total count to 446 goals, 113 accomplished


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