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VI.01.03. Read Bardelys the Magnificent

Date accomplished: ???

Bardelys the Magnificent: House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

My Sabatini Journal

“He has fallen her victim, and so his vanity translates her into a compound of perfections.  Does such a woman as you have described exist…?  Bah!  In a lover’s mind, perhaps, or in the pages of some crack-brained poet’s fancies; but nowhere else in this dull world of ours.”  (7)

“It was something for a man … to have his pulses quicken and his colour change at a maid’s approach; to find himself colouring under her smile and paling under her disdain; to have his mind running on rhymes, and his soul so enslaved that if she is not to be won, chagrin will dislodge it from his body.”  (57)

“Ah!  Justice, … I have seen pictures of the lady.  She covers her eyes with a bandage, but is less discreet where the other beauties of her figure are in question.”  (214)

Bardelys the Magnificent

Bardelys the Magnificent

There has been, unfortunately, too much time between when I read Bardelys the Magnificent and the time I am writing this.  Perhaps the reason for this is the disappointing ending to such a wonderful book.  The disappointment did not come from a sad ending, but more from the fact that for once the protagonist did not deserve to win the lady’s heart, and yet he did.

Bardelys, a nobleman of Paris makes a drunken bet that he could win the heart of a certain lady, and attempts to court her via lies and deception (even though this was not his intention).  Bardelys, of course, falls in love with the maid and is forced to announce the loss of the bet (and with it his large estate) in order to win the lady.  The king intercedes and Bardelys is permitted to keep the estate and still wins the woman despite his churlish nature.

It was an amazing book, and the plot kept me guessing, it’s just such a shame that the ending to this book followed Sabatini’s regular style.



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