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IV.11. Dance in the Rain

Date Accomplished: 4 July 2006


Right, so this one sounds cheesy as hell.  And maybe it is.  I suppose the point I’m really trying to get at here is to have a moment of energetic joy, to where I didn’t care about anything else (this I considered different to IV.10. experience Bliss – in my mind, that’s a bit more mellow).  Why this got written down as ‘Dance in the Rain’ is because I had already accomplished this goal, and that’s what I was doing at the time.

To give a little background on this, I had just quit a job I had been in for over five years, and was becoming increasingly unhappy with.  That already put me in a good mood.  I hadn’t yet found a new job because I was spending some time applying for graduate schools before trying to find work (I was living off money I had saved up for this…).  As you can see, it was the Fourth of July, and a close friend of mine had the day off work, so we went to see the new Superman movie before heading over to a house party in the evening. 

This was in Colorado at the heighth of a summer which saw many forest fires nearby.  Because of this, there was a very strict rule against fireworks being set off this year (even the city was foregoing a fireworks display in favor of a laser light show).  By this time, I couldn’t really remember the last time it rained, and normally we get a daily downpour of some proportions in the summer afternoons.  Suffice to say, it was an unusual summer weather-wise.  Well, the clouds finally came in that evening and, while it started with just a drizzle, it eventually became a downpour (luckily a warm one!).


My friend and I got to the house party a little before the rain started, grabbed some drinks and went outside.  Since it was already drizzling, we all decided to screw the fireworks ban, and risk the fine (although none of us were too worried – like I said, it was raining).  We got sparklers going and a few rockets set off.  We had some great music blaring out of the house, and it just set the mood perfectly.

About then, the drizzle turned to a down pour.  None of us were keen to go inside, and we had all gotten sufficiently liquored up, the music was great, and we all just went for it.  We must have been outside for a solid hour in the rain, clothes eventually getting stripped off as we got soaked more and more (but enough stayed on to protect our modesty of course…).  After we all had enough, we came inside and continued drinking in our skivies while the clothes got put in the drier.  It was a moment of joy, shared amongst friends, and certainly the best house party I’ve yet been to.

I did have actual pictures of this event, but none of them were of just me.  I don’t want to go posting pictures of other people on the internet without their permission.  Added on to that some of the ladies (particularly my friend…) were wearing white shirts, and considering the situation, it’s all the more reason I should not be posting them…



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