Posted by: vikingsinspace | February 21, 2011

IV.27. Make Uncle Bill’s Truffles

Date Accomplished: 12 February 2010

Uncle Bill’s Truffles Nearing Completion

I have an uncle down in Texas (named Bill as I’m sure can be guess from the title of this post…) who would always make these chocolate truffles when my family would go down to visit his family.  I haven’t been down to Texas for many years, so it has been a long time since I had any of these truffles, which I remembered as being amazing.  I had often suspected that these chocolate treats would be something I would only get to have when I visited my uncle, but then I discovered that my mother had the recipe, and I knew that I had to try to make them myself.

Melting Chocolate

The reason this became a goal for me, it that it is a long and complicated recipe with many steps.  My first attempt at making the truffles was when I was still in England, and I wanted to make a treat for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.  This turned out to be rather difficult, since many of the necessary ingredients were difficult, if not impossible, to come across in England.  But, I improvised and managed to make something that was reasonably close to what I had remembered having from when I was younger.  It wasn’t prefect however.

The Final Stage

I am now writing this post after my second attempt at making the truffles, again as a treat for my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (and it is from this attempt where the pictures come from – The first I have taken with my new camera!). Much more success this time!  I still had difficulty finding some of the ingredients (praline cream in particular, but I found some hazelnut butter which I used as a substitute and it turned out fine), but I was able to get the right kind of chocolates and sugars and so forth that I had difficulty finding in the UK.  It was still a long process, but worthwhile.

I had considered appending the recipe to this post, but I think it is something that’s somewhat guarded in the family, so I have resisted that urge to share.  It will just have to remain something that stays within my family for now.



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