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I.4.03.01. Visit Frankfurt

Date accomplished: 2 July 2000

Frankfurt American High School

After the trip to Spain, my school group went to Portugal and stayed in Lisbon for a day.  We then parted ways, with the group returning to America, and myself flying to London to meet my father and sister.  We spent a quick day in London (since I had already been there and they had arrived a few days earlier), and caught the express train from London to Paris, to catch an over-night train to Frankfurt am Main.  Frankfurt had become one of the main destinations of our trip because my mother had grown up in this city, my father was stationed there in the Army and eventually lived there for five years, and consequently was the place my parents had met.  Because of the personal connections, most of our time was spent going to places my parents knew, starting with the army base where my father’s office was, and Frankfurt American High School which my mother attended.

The House my Father Lived in Bad Soden

After visiting the army base, we immediately went to the house my mother lived in (which I will write about in my next post), and followed on to the house my father lived in while he was in Germany (the house number of it had changed which confused my father at first and then made him a little upset…).  We followed this up with a trip out to Königstein Castle, which was the first castle my father ever visited, and subsequently the first castle my sister and I ever visited.  From here I think we went back to Frankfurt to end the day, but sadly I did not write about it in the little journal I kept.  I have a very vivid memory of walking around the Römerberg in town and the Cathedral, but sadly no pictures of this.  Otherwise, I remember Frankfurt being a very modern city (thanks to Allied bombing in World War II), and subsequently not a place I would have a whole lot of interest in if it weren’t for my family connections.

Königstein Castle


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