Posted by: vikingsinspace | April 2, 2012

I.2.01.01. Visit New York City

Date Accomplished: 12 August 2011


I’m about to move to another city, and before I actually leave where I currently am, I found the opportunity to take a quick trip to New York City.  It was completely unplanned and rather spontaneous, so I actually had little time in the city and didn’t see much.  However, I planned on this goal being accomplished if I visited the Statue of Liberty, and that was something that I did accomplish.

Statue of Liberty

I drove north up the New Jersey Turnpike with my father and we parked at Liberty State Park where we caught the Ferry to Liberty Island.  It stopped by Ellis Island first and we considered getting off there for a quick look, but decided that we had little time and had to focus on our major destinations – the Statue of Liberty being the primary destination.  unfortunately we didn’t plan far enough in advance to get tickets to climb up the statue, but we were able to at least get on the island, walk around, and get pictures from the outside.

Guggenheim Museum

After visiting Liberty island, we got back to our car and drove into Manhattan.  In Friday evening rush hour.  Aside from a crash blocking the Holland tunnel, it was actually a fairly easy drive.  We were trying to get to the Guggenheim Museum, and unfortunately were working with an inadequate map (which didn’t show which direction the one-way roads went).  This got us turned around near central park where we ended up driving through the park to get to the Museum, which was closing soon after we got there.  So, we couldn’t see anything in the museum, but we essentially went there to see the building itself.

George Washington Bridge

Afterwards, my father had a friend with a shop on Broadway downtown, so we drove down 5th Avenue to reach the cross street we needed to turn on.  After visiting with the friend, we left the city for the night.  As we were leaving to go back south the next morning, we decided to head back into the city for a quick drive around to just see a few more things from the car.  We couldn’t see a whole lot, but we did drive by Ground Zero and saw the new building that is being erected to replace the Twin Towers.  All in all, it was a fun and quick trip, but I didn’t get to see nearly enough of New York.  This has certainly prepared me for a second trip, but that will have to wait for another time.


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