Posted by: vikingsinspace | March 14, 2010

I. Visit Chatsworth House and Gardens

Date Accomplished: 7 September, 2009

Chatsworth House from the Canal pond

The day after visiting Lincoln (see I. Visit Lincoln), before returning up north, my girlfriend and I stopped by Chatsworth House and Gardens.  I wanted to see a nice mansion and beautiful gardens, she was interested in seeing Mr. Darcy’s house from one of the ‘Pride and Prejudice’ films (I have no idea which one – not really my thing).  Sadly, after being in England for so long, and seeing so many of these overly-ornate and rich houses, the impact of them lessens.  As it is, the house didn’t impress me too much (as beautiful as it is), but the grounds and gardens certainly did.

Pond Art

After we wandered through the house, passing by multiple pieces of art, we finally got outside to the gardens.  We lucked out in having a beautiful day for the visit with plenty of sunshine.  We first walked up to the cascade and climbed to the small building at its top.  From there we headed east through some of the woods, circled around a grotto and came to the hedge maze.  After getting lost in the maze for a while, we left to the rock garden, then headed south to the canal pond.  Just describing any of this is going to be useless, so I’ll just throw up some pictures here – but I have to say the rock garden was by far the most impressive part (and it was all impressive…).  I’ll definitely find my way back to these gardens again at some point, as I had a very relaxing day among the vegetation.  And if you’re interested, the website for Chatsworth House is here.

Rock Garden

The Cascade



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