Posted by: vikingsinspace | March 5, 2012

IV.19. Own a Rare Bottle of Whiskey

Date accomplished: 27 June 2011

Oban Natural Cask Strength

I could claim that I had accomplished this goal several years ago when I got a bottle of 10 year Balvenie right before that age was discontinued.  However, since the Balvenie 10 year was so prolific for many years, I don’t think that it counts.

When we visited the Oban distillery in Scotland I picked up a bottle of their Natural Cask Strength – an edition only available for sale at the Oban distillery.  unfortunately the bottle fails to say how long the whiskey has been maturing in the barrel, and while I know the tour guide at Oban mentioned it, I forgot what she said.

I haven’t yet opened the bottle to try it, and am not sure when I will.  Eventually I am going to have to drink it, as I intend on drinking all the whiskies and wines I have stashed away, but for now it will stay sitting on the shelf waiting for a special event.


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