Posted by: vikingsinspace | August 15, 2011

VII.19.04. Complete my Roosevelt Dime Collection

Date Accomplished: 27 Jan. 2011

The Proof Sets I Needed to Complete My Dime Collection

In a way, I completed my Roosevelt Dime collection a long time ago.  Aside from needing to get a dime from each year and mint in the years that I had missed since being in England, the only other issues I had missed had been the proof sets from the 1980s through the 1990s.  There was no real problem in finding these sets, as I was able to purchase all of them off the internet for a reasonable price, making this is relatively simple goal to complete.  I have to say, since the internet became so much more prolific  than when I first started collecting, this hobby has become much easier and somewhat cheaper.


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