Posted by: vikingsinspace | April 25, 2011

I. Visit Glastonbury

Date Accomplished: 11 July, 2000

Glastonbury Abbey

Our next destination in a day-long tourist extravaganza was the city of Glastonbury.  Along our drive, we somehow managed to unknowingly miss Glastonbury and end up in a town called ‘Street.’  Since we couldn’t find the Abbey (which was our main destination), we decided to buy a map to figure out where we were and where we were going.  The map didn’t clue us in to our being in the wrong town, since we bought a ‘Street map.’  I don’t know when we figured it out, but we eventually headed out of Street and found our way to Glastonbury.  My first impression of Glastonbury was that it was very much like my home town: a small, quirky, artsy community.  Due to our long day planned, we didn’t spend much time in the town, but headed straight to the Abbey ruins.

Site of Arthur’s Tomb

At the time of our visit, I was very interested in the King Arthur legends.  Glastonbury holds an important place in the King Arthur legend, because King Arthur and Guinevere were ‘found’ buried here in 1191 by the monks of the abbey (which is really unlikely, but the people of the middle ages believed it).  Arthur’s tomb was destroyed during the dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century, but the spot where it sat is still marked with an outline and a sign.  There are several other sites in the Abbey ruins worth seeing, but seeing the spot of Arthur’s tomb was really what I wanted to see.



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