Posted by: vikingsinspace | March 6, 2010

I.2.01.08. Visit Devil’s Tower

Date Accomplished: Summer, 2007

Devil's Tower from afar

While on the road trip to Seattle with my father in 2007 (see I.2.01.07.  Find that Beautiful beach in Washington), we took a bit of a detour to go to the North East corner of Washington to see Devil’s Tower.  Of course, I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind many times as a kid, and since thought it would be cool to go see the tower.  My father hadn’t been there either, and thought it would be cool to check out something new, so after figuring out that we could afford the time to drive out there before heading to Seattle, we decided to go for it.

At the Base of Devil's Tower

As can be seen from the pictures, it is huge.  Essentially, it is a large magma chamber which cooled and formed a hard igneous rock.  It was originally surrounded by a softer sedimentary rock which eventually eroded away after millions of years, leaving the tower.  It was easy enough to get to the Tower, but once there we were a little disappointed to find that we couldn’t bring our dog on the walking trail.  It was far too hot to leave him in the car, so we had to be satisfied with just wandering around the base and looking up at the thing.  Still, it was a great experience, and it was nice to check another item off the list.

My Dog and Devil's Tower



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