Posted by: vikingsinspace | November 15, 2010

I. Climb Tower Bridge

Date Accomplished: 24 July 2010  

Tower Bridge from the Thames

Climbing Tower Bridge in London turned out to be more of  an elevator ride than a climb.  My girlfriend and I started the day by taking a boat up and down the Thames, and stopped at Tower Pier in order to go up the bridge.  We were lucky to have a warm and sunny day, so we were able to get some good views from inside the bridge’s walkways, and also some great photos from the boat.  I’m not sure how many stories up the bridge’s walkways are, but it is certainly a significant heighth.  I was a little surprised to see that at the top of the tower there was a display on the famous bridges of the world.  Yes, there were some plaques to the creation of the bridge and so forth, but there seemed to be a lot of attention paid to things other than the bridge.  The other walkway, similarly had a display on the Thames and the different locations along the Thames.  While a little more relevent, I still found it odd that there was so little on the history of the bridge itself.  Maybe there just isn’t that much to say; afterall, it is not a very old bridge being completed and opened in 1894.  

Tower Bridge Engine Room

The interesting part of the tour of the bridge came after going up to the walkways.  After going back down to the level of the bridge (which actually involved going down stairs most of the way – but not all) we walked along the bridge to the engine room.  Here, there was a showcase on how the old steam engines worked that powered the opening and closing of the bridge.  I admit to understanding little of the mechanics, but the machines were large and impressive, even though they were painted a horrendous color of green.



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