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VI.01.26. Read The Nuptials of Corbal

Date Accomplished: 6 March, 2010

The Nuptials of Corbal: Hutchinson Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“He knew that abiding beauty is of the mind, and that where beauty of the mind is absent a superficial beauty of the body will soon grow nauseous.” (24-5)

“I dislike pertness.  It is the sign of a shallow mind.” (28)

” ‘The mad,’ he deplored, ‘take up so much room.’
‘I’ve noticed it,’ said Chauvinière.  ‘They overcrowd the world.’ ” (31)

“Inwardly he spared a sigh for the philosophic reflection that suffering is, after all, man’s most refining influence.” (33)

“In a Nation of free men, Justice, citizens, should at once be inexorable, blind and undiscriminating.  She can admit neither prejudice nor preconception, for these indeed are the negation of justice.  In her divine eyes, which the ancients in their wisdom symbolically bandaged, there are neither aristocrats nor plebeians, but only accused.  And lest Justice err in her findings … she must presume the accused to be innocent until her own sifting of the evidence constrains her to convict them.” (42-3)

“It is just that a man should sometimes drink as he has poured.” (160-1)

The Nuptials of Corbal

It has been a while since I have read a Sabatini book, so I thought The Nuptials of Corbal would be an appropriate choice since it is more of a short story than a novel.  I am not sure why Sabatini wrote such a short book – whether that was his intention, or if he could simply not think of anything more to say for the situations and the characters.

What struck me the most is that the protagonist seems to be Mademoiselle de Montsorbier.  I don;t know if Sabatini has any other books where a woman is the main character, but this is the first one that I have read.  It is also interesting that the character the book is named after does not appear until well after the first half of the book (this would be the Vicomte de Corbal).

I was glad I read this book, as it reintroduced me to the wit and humor of Sabatini’s which I enjoy.  Now I just need to decide what to read next…



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