Posted by: vikingsinspace | July 4, 2011

VII.19. Catch up on my Coin Collection

Date Accomplished: 2 Jan. 2011

The new coins added to my collection

I’m sure I have stated elsewhere that I am a complete and total nerd.  And as appropriate with my nerd-dom, I have a coin collection.  I wish I could say this was a hobby that I had pursued for years in my youth and kept up with, but I actually joined the bandwagon with the 50 States Quarters program from the U.S. mint.  This was the first real change in U.S. coinage in my lifetime and I found it fascinating.  At the time I was working behind a cash register at a local tourist destination and was able to sort through the change and switch out my money for any coin I wished.  At first I kept it to the new quarters, but eventually I moved on to all the other U.S. denominations until I had built up a reasonably complete collection of all the different minting dates and mint marks of the coins in circulation.

Proof Sets and Mint Sets

In 2002, I left for England for a year’s study abroad during my undergraduate years.  I missed collecting the coins from this year and from 2003.  I eventually managed to grab a couple of mint sets from some of the years I had missed, but neglected to purchase other years because they were too expensive at the time.  Then, in 2006 I left for England again, only to return to America in November of 2010.  My coin collection was at a standstill for this five year period, and once I finally returned to the U.S., I decided it was time to find the coins I had been missing.

The Final Proof Set I Needed to Complete This Goal

I had long ago given up on taking the new coins out of circulation and instead buying the mint sets.  The coins in the sets were usually in better condition, and since I lived in Colorado, I was able to find Denver mint coins with ease, but it was nearly impossible to find any coins from the Philadelphia mint.  There is little excitement to how I accomplished this goal, as it was pretty much just buying a bunch of sets off of E-Bay and from my local coin shops (the American Numismatic Association is located nearby, which attracts a lot of coin dealers and makes Colorado a good spot for this hobby).


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