Posted by: vikingsinspace | March 26, 2012

VI.20.01.04. Read The Norman Conquest: A Very Short Introduction

Date Accomplished: 24 May 2011

Norman Conquest VSI

George Garnett offers an interesting overview of the Norman Conquest.  This little volume offers some of his own theories behind the major changes that the Normans implemented after 1066 and gives adequate evidence to support his claims.  I can imagine it would be a little difficult for someone to follow who wasn’t already familiar with many of the people, places and books which much of the historical arguments surrounding the Conquest are concerned.  For those who are acquainted with the background history, this is an easy and entertaining refresher with many new ideas.  I particularly enjoyed the chapter on Romanesque Architecture which is an aspect I had always known and thought about, but never bother to explore in any depth.  My own interest in the Conquest has always been the lead up to the events of 1066, and unfortunately this book covers very little on that subject.  It is about the immediate aftermath, but very well done nonetheless.


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