Posted by: vikingsinspace | November 5, 2009

I. Visit Mesa Verde

Date accomplished: Summer 2007

Mesa Verde

Cliff Palace

It may or may not be apparent by some of the goals that are on my list, that I come from the State of Colorado.  I was born there and have lived there, up until relatively recently.  For some reason, beyond me, I never made it down to the south-west corner to see Mesa Verde.  I had been South West several times and can remember stopping by Four Corners as a child, but for whatever reason still hadn’t been to Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde 2

Cliff Palace 2

On my summer trip back home in 2007 (I was/am living in England), my mother and I took a road trip down to Arizona to see my grandparents.  On the way back up, I managed to convince her to stop by Mesa Verde so we could check it out.  As is usual for this part of the country, it was hot, sunny and all around gorgeous weather (but I could simply be having fond memories of sunny weather, considering the North-East of England never sees the sun…).  We managed to stay the whole day in the park, and visited three of the accessable dwellings.

Balcony House

Balcony House

I can’t remember exactly which dwellings we went to, but I believe they were Cliff Palace, Balcony House, and Spruce Tree House.  Balcony House was the most interesting of the three, mostly because of the challenges involved with viewing it.  To get into the structure, we had to climb up a tall ladder, and then to get out, we had to squeeze through a narrow tunnel on our hands and knees.  Spruce Tree House didn’t have any such challenges, but it did have a reconstructed kiva which was fun to go in and have a look.  I don’t recall Cliff Palace having anything quite as memorable, but considering it is the largest of the dwellings, the scale of it must be what’s impressive.



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