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V.07. See Saxon Live

Date Accomplished: 24 July 2010

High Voltage Festival Lanyard

I have to admit that I was worried I would never get to see Saxon live.  As far as I’m aware, they don’t tour the United States anymore, and if I was going to see them, I had to do it while in England.  However, trying to get to concerts in England was proving just as difficult as it is for me in the States – none come to my area, and it’s a bit of an effort to go to where they are going to be and get back.  Luckily, I found the first High Voltage Festival in London easy enough to get to, and not only were Heaven & Hell (read: Black Sabbath) doing a tribute show to the recently deceased Ronnie James Dio (see V.05. See Dio Live and A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio), but Saxon was going to be doing a show there too.

Saxon Set

I was very pleased with Saxon’s performance.  There wasn’t a huge crowd there, but that was okay since it enabled me to get a spot in the middle and close to the front (about 10 yards away – I didn’t want to get any closer because of the tendency of the festival goers to chuck beer at the people at the very front).  The band had a great energy, and were really friendly towards the fans.  The frontman/vocalist Biff Byford did an excellent job getting the crowd to join in – joking around that the band was being limited by the ‘Sound Police’ to playing at 94 decibels, and that he could whistle as loud as that (and proceeded to demonstrate).  He even took time out of the set to find a pen to sign a t-shirt someone threw up on stage – a class act overall.

Saxon Live

The setlist was excellent too, with a lot of classic 80s songs in the line-up (and of course the obligatory one from their new album – ‘Live to Rock’).  I was happy that they played my favorite song, ‘Princess of the Night,’ as well as some others I enjoy such as ‘Hell and Back Again.’  A huge airliner flew over during the song ‘747 (Strangers in the Night)’ which I found humorously appropriate, and the guys dedicated the song ‘Denim and Leather’ to Dio.  Sadly, I had to cut out early in order to make it to the Dio Tribute and so missed their final song ‘20000 feet.’  It sucks that the two bands were scheduled to play so close to one another, but at least I finally got to see Saxon.  I just wish I knew they were going to be such a great act years ago, so I could have made more of an effort to see them in concert, but I may have to console myself with this one chance.



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