Posted by: vikingsinspace | October 10, 2011

VII.19.05. Complete my Washington Quarter Collection

Date Accomplished: 14 Feb. 2011

States Quarters in My Collection

It was Quarters that first got me interested in coins, and it has always been quarters that I thought of as my primary collecting interest.  I’m lucky in a way to have such a complete and relatively nice quarter collection, considering I only started collecting in 1999.  When my mother was young, her father would occasionally play a slot machine on the army base her worked at in Frankfurt, and whenever he won, he would take out the coins, bring them home and give them to my mother and her sisters.  Since they didn’t have much use for the coins in Germany (they didn’t live on base), my mother and aunts kept the coins and used them as poker chips as children, and my mother eventually just kept them tucked away into her adult life.  She knew the quarters were worth something other than face value since they were all silver (this all occurred in the 1950s, and U.S. quarters remained silver until 1965), but decided to give them to me since I was actively collecting ans she was just hoarding them away. 

More Quarters…

Because of my mother’s own little collecting, I had a nearly complete Washington Quarter collection almost from the start of my collecting years.  I was fortunate enough that my mother had all of the rare issues for this series, including one or two in excellent condition.  But, she didn’t have all of the quarters.  After catching up on my collection after I returned to England, I focused my attentions on completing my Washington quarter collection,which was really only missing four coins.  It was a little pricey to accomplish, since the economic situation in the country had driven up the cost of silver, to where the metal value of the coins alone were worth $7 a piece.  I managed to find three of the four coins I needed from a local dealer, but the fourth, a 1940 Denver Mint coin eluded me.  I managed to find one in reasonably good condition on E-Bay for a decent price, and bought it. 

It got lost in the mail. 

The Final Quarter I Needed for my Collection

I wish I could say this was the part of the story where I began a massive man hunt for where the coin got lost or where I could find a suitable replacement, but that isn’t what happened.  After the coin didn’t arrive in the mail for a couple of days after it was expected, I just sat and waited.  I had too many things to do at this point to be worried about it, and there was nothing the seller could have done – he had already shown proof that the coin was mailed.  After about two weeks, the coin simply arrived in the mail, and that was that.  My Washington Quarter Collection was complete.


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