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VI.01.32. Read Captain Blood Returns

Date Accomplished:  ???

 Captain Blood Returns: P. F. Collier Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“A gentleman … will always take a risk to serve a lady.” (83)

“… a man’s first duty is less to his office than to his own honour, and … he cannot perform it unless he fulfills the engagements of his word.” (129)

“Only he who is without anything is without enemies.” (134)

“[He had the] faculty for confusing cause and effect which is the chief disability of stupid egoists.” (135)

“… when a young man discovers that a certain young woman is necessary to his existence, and when he believes with pardonable egotism that he is equally necessary to hers, he does not abandon the quest at the first obstacle.” (191)

The Chronicles of Captain Blood aka Captain Blood Returns

I’m not sure what all I can say about Captain Blood Returns.  Instead of being another novel, his book is actually a collection of short stories following Blood’s antics.

I was a little disappointed that Sabatini created new antagonists instead of using Colonel Bishop or Don Diego de Espinosa.  I am not complaining that Sabatini created new characters, merely lamenting the fact that these characters didn’t return.

All in all, this was a fantastic book, and it gladens me that Sabatini decided to write sequels to Captain Blood.  I now have to wait for the third book, The Fortunes of Captain Blood to arrive in the mail before I can continue reading.  It should arrive any day though…



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  2. […] VI.01.32. __ Captain Blood Returns […]

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