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VI.01.12. Read The Strolling Saint

Date Accomplished: April 2009

The Strolling Saint: House of Stratus Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“…against the armour of a crassness so dense and one-ideaed there are no weapons that can prevail.” (29)

“…there are no spirits so vengeful, so fierce, so utterly intolerant, ungovernable, and feral as the spirits of the devout when they conceive themselves justified to anger.  All the sweet teaching of Charity and brotherly love and patience is jettisoned, and by the most amazing paradox that Christianity has ever known, Catholic burns heretic, and heretic butchers Catholic, all for the love of Christ; and each glories devoutly in the deed, never heeding the blasphemy of his belief that thus he obeys the sweet and gentle mandates of the God Incarnate.” (49)

“…pity for so beautiful a creature is Satan’s most subtle snare” (96)

“…life is a little thing when a man has lost all else.” (232)

“…it is well to know what reward may wait upon our labour.  It makes that labour lighter and increases courage.” (240)

“Half the art of life is to harbour happy memories.” (271)

“A little blood-letting will cure all his ills for ever.” (324)

“Optimism coloured the world for me all of the rosy hue of promise.” (324)

“…I had come to learn that Love – God’s greatest gift – is the great  sanctifier of man.” (357)

The Strolling Saint

 The Strolling Saint was enjoyably different from Sabatini’s other books.  While one of his Italian novels, the protagonist, Agostino d’Anguissola, is completely incompetent.  While still the egoist that Sabatini loves, Agostino is incapable of doing anything right in the world – not from any fault of his own, but due to his rearing.  He was destined to be a worldly lord, but raised to be a secluded monk; to follow in the footsteps of St. Augustine of Hippo.

It was interesting to see Sabatini describe some worldly things as seen for the first time by Agostino.  In addition, Sabatini seemed to be oddly interested in people’s hands in the beginning.  There were of course the usual plot twists and so forth, including a very large surprise at the end, which upon further reflection, one could be able to see through certain foreshadowing that Sabatini employs.

All in all, The Strolling Saint was a very good read, and I am beginning to fear that I may be reaching the end of his Italian novels.



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