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VI.01.23. Read The Carolinian

Date Accomplished:  ???

The Carolinian:  The Writings of Rafael Sabatini Edition, vol. xv

My Sabatini Journal

“The man who would yield up his conscience to win [a woman] would by the very act render himself unworthy of her.” (6)

“Inference, I believe, is not the strength of the official mind.” (68)

“Self-preservation is the first law of nature.” (78)

“…we are often misled in judging others by ourselves.” (85)

“…he conceived that all the cynical utterances of misogynists with which he was acquainted fell lamentably short of truth.” (87)

“…jealousy always magnifies a lover’s vision.” (167)

“Amongst the English races … it is ever the people who rule.  They tolerate none but complacent masters who obediently perform their sovereign will.  And amongst none of the English races is that trait more marked than among these independent colonials.” (180)

“What men can’t alter they soon condone.” (186)

“… troublesome persons are commonly of an extraordinary and tenacious vitality.” (294)

“Nothing that is evil is incredible in man.” (461)

The Carolinian

I don’t know what caused me to be so interested in reading The Carolinian when I was first made aware of it (perhaps it is because this is the only book of Sabatini’s that takes place in America) or why the book was so damned difficult to obtain.  Nonetheless, The Carolinian was, of course, worth reading, and had me both damning and praising Sabatini within a page.

Of the Sabatini books I have read so far, this one seems to be the most complex.  I couldn’t even begin to describe the plot and intrigues involved.  I could barely remember the names and roles of all of the characters!  Each of which was almost as important as the other.

This one I would certainly rank in the top tiers of Sabatini’s books along with Scaramouche and Captain Blood.  It is worthy of the spot.



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