Posted by: vikingsinspace | November 28, 2011

VI.20.01.02. Read Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction

Date Accomplished: 13 March, 2011

VSI Roman Britain

This was a short (even for this series) book on Roman Britain: one that I was able to read in just two and a half hours (at 68 pages to give you an idea of my reading speed…  pretty slow, but I read fiction faster than non-fiction).  I found myself noticing that the book didn’t seem to be so much a history of Roman Britain, but a history of the Roman Emperor’s policies towards Britain.  I suppose this can be forgiven since so few sources remain for the period, and a lot must be gathered through inference and the archaeological record.  It is certainly concise, which I suppose is the point of the series, but I would have liked to see more information on the revolt of Boudicca and the Iceni, as well as the Election of Constantine in York (don’t get me wrong: both are covered in the book, I just would have liked to have read more on these two topics).


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