Posted by: vikingsinspace | September 20, 2010

I. Visit Hampton Court

Date Accomplished: 3 April, 2010

Hampton Court Palace

When I first moved to England, I flipped through every page of my travel guide and wrote down on a list everywhere I wanted to visit.  This list now essentially makes up my goal list for travel in Great Britain (hence why it is so much larger than for other countries – I made more of an effort putting together a list for England).  Sometimes I come across something I have put on this list that I have forgotten why it seemed like such an interesting place to see, according to my guide book.  Hampton Court is one of these instances.

Hampton Court Gardens

Hampton Court was built up by Cardinal Wolsey during the heighth of his power in Henry VIII’s court, and was eventually taken by Henry to become one of his most magnificent palaces.  The Tudors are a little past my time period of interest, and Hampton Court isn’t necessarily one of the highlight attractions on a trip to England, so I’m not sure why I wanted to see this place.  Don’t misunderstand, it was a nice visit and a nice day trip out of London, just not a spectacular highlight.

I would say the gardens were nice, but were very ordered.  Some of the flowers were out, but it was early spring so I couldn’t really complain about that.  There was a hedge maze which is apparently one of the oldest in Europe, and a fun little diversion.  The building itself had some nice recreated rooms and so forth, but nothing really stood out except for perhaps the chapel (which I was not permitted to take photos of).



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