Posted by: vikingsinspace | May 23, 2011

I. Visit Sutton Hoo

Date Accomplished: 2003

The Reconstructed Mound 2

Sutton Hoo is a travel destination that only a crazy Medievalist would enjoy.  It is the site of the burial ship and treasure of an Anglo-Saxon King, which many historians have hypothesised was Rædwald (the reason being is that Rædwald embraced both Christianity and his native Pagan Saxon Religion, and relics belonging to both the Christian and Pagan-Saxon tradition were found in the grave).  The site was excavated in the 1930s, and it was actually a surprise that anything was found – most Anglo-Saxon burial mounds had been looted long before.  The artifacts found were taken to the British Museum, where they still are today.

The field of Sutton Hoo

Because everything of interest has been taken to London, there is actually little to see in Sutton Hoo itself.  Yes, it is essentially the graveyard of kings, but there are only a couple of burial mounds standing (all of which have eroded and are not nearly as impressive as they would have been when first constructed).  There is a reconstructed mound near the site which shows how large the mounds were originally which is probably the most dramatic of all the mounds.  When I visited, I believe the on-site museum had just opened, with replicas of the treasures that are now kept in London.  Hopefully this museum has improved since then, but otherwise there is very little to Sutton Hoo – just an excuse to have a nice walk around the countryside.



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