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I. Visit Bury St. Edmunds

Date Accomplished: Fall 2002

The Ruins of Bury Abbey

My inspiration for visiting the town of Bury St. Edmunds came from reading The Chronicle of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds by Jocelin of Brakelond: a member of the monastery in the twelfth century.  The town’s name comes from the belief that the remains of the martyred King Edmund of the Angles was buried here.  A Monastery and church would be built to house the Saint’s bones, and the town would grow around this.  Like most monasteries in Britain, Bury was largely destroyed destroyed after the dissolution of the monasteries, and only ruins now remain.

The Base of Abbot Samson's Tower

Despite it being in ruins, certain elements remain which Jocelin of Brakelond mentions in his Chronicle.  Joecelin notes that Abbot Samson was building a tower in the monastic grounds, and the base of that tower still exists.  Abbot Samson himself is buried in the Abbey ruins in a spot known as ‘Abbot’s Row’ was many twelfth century Abbots of the monastery are buried here.  It is also believed that many of the barons of England int he early thirteenth century met here and agreed upon certain terms to force on King John, which would eventually lead to the Magna Carta.

Abbots' Row

In addition to the monastic ruins, the area surrounding the Abbey has some lovely gardens, and the town in general is nice and quaint.  I must admit that it has been many years since I’ve been to Bury, and don’t remember much other than the ruins of the Monastery.  But then, the Monastic ruins were what brought me to Bury anyway, so simply seeing those is enough for me.

Abbot Samson's Grave



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