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III.09. Attend the Battle Conference

Date Accomplished: 24-28 July 2008

Church at Burpham

I first became aware of the Battle Conference through the publications of their proceedings in the Anglo-Norman Studies volumes, mostly because these papers had been relevant to me studies.  When I knew I was going to be staying in England for several years for my PhD, I thought I would try to take advantage of the relatively close proximity to where the conference is held and attend it.  unfortunately, Battle is an expensive conference to attend (normally costing around £300), and this has prevented me from going to it the whole time I was in England but once.  In 2008, I had received funding to go to a separate conference in Budapest, but this fell through for various reasons, and so I put the funding towards attending the Battle conference.

I had just come back from visiting family in America, and was stopping by the conference on my way back to Durham.  This meant that I was then jet-lagged for the whole of the conference, and had trouble paying attention a lot of the time.  This year also turned out to be the final year (so far) that the conference would actually be held in Battle, as the location for the conference, Pyke House, was shutting down.  It was a little intimidating at first, as many of the historians there had written works that I had read many times before, but everyone was friendly enough (and even surprisingly normal…).

A Blocked Door at Lymster - Possibly 12th Century Addition

Few of the papers given this year were very relevent to me (the program can be viewed here), and even one other attendee (I can’t remember who) commented that there wasn’t enough ‘real history’ in this year’s conference.  The day excursion on saturday to the saxon churches (which was the only time I took photos, hence why none of the photos I’ve posted here are actually at Battle.  more of these phots and descriptions of the churches I have placed on a page covering Anglo-Saxon Buildings) was a fun day, and it was nice to be around other historians taking an interest in the same geeky things.  Hopefully I will have an opportunity to go again in the future, and with any luck I would like to give a paper there (as this happens to be one of my other goals: number III.10).



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