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I. Visit Stonehenge

Date Accomplished: 11 July 2000

Stone Circle at Avebury

After leaving Germany and returning to Paris again (see I.4.02.05. Visit Paris), we caught another train back to London, and headed out west for a trip into Cornwall.  Our first destination was going to be a stop at Stonehenge before continuing on.  We had a bit of a late start to the day in traveling (since the trip from Paris to London to Stonehenge took place all in one day), so rather than actually visit Stonehenge first, we went north to a small town called Avebury.  Avebury is remarkable because it too is a pre-historic stone circle, but much larger than Stonehenge, and with an entire village inside of it.  The stones themselves aren’t arranged quite like Stonehenge, but it is a very wide circle, with regularly spaced stones and a great trail that follows the layout of the stones.  We found a little Bed and Breakfast just outside the village (we tried to stay a the inn in the center of town, but they were already full), and prepared for a very busy day to follow.


We got up very early on the 11th of July, and made it down to Stonehenge just as it opened.  This was a great time to arrive, because we practically had the place to ourselves.  We couldn’t actually walk among the stones, as there was a rope to keep people back (I have heard rumors this is no longer in place, but it seems like a lot has changed in the past 10 years from all the things I have heard), but we were still close enough to get a good look at the thing.  The monument is actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be.  From all the pictures and TV shows I had seen, I was always under the impression that Stonehenge was big.  While it may be lacking the grand scale I always imagined, it is still a technical wonder considering the large stones that are placed as beams connecting other stones.  We spent a good amount of time wandering around the stones and taking pictures.  While we did linger a big, we did manage to get out just before three large buses full of tourists pulled into the parking lot.  Good timing on our part.

A Panorama



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  2. Nice shot of Stonehenge. I once thought it was too bad when they stopped letting people walk up to the stones, but it definitely makes it easier to get a really good, evocative shot like yours — with no people in it.

    Hope you get to make your travel goal. I’ve hit six continents, but the 7th, Antarctica, can wait.

    • Thank you for the kind words – It was nice to get the wide shots without people in them, but I think I would have traded it for the opportunity to walk among the stones. I still attribute the lack of people to how early we got there, though. The path went all around the stones, so if it had been packed, I would have had plenty of people in the pictures. Sadly, I havn’t had the opportunity to go back – maybe some day!

      • I think Avebury still lets you walk right up to the stones. A different feel than Stonehenge, but still cool. Hope you get back — unless you’re gong somewhere else.

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