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I. Visit Edinburgh

Date Accomplished: 2006-10

Arthur's Seat

I have now been to Edinburgh several times, hence the confusing accomplish date above.  The first time was in 2007 with some of the guys I was living with.  This was a great trip – we spent a little time on the royal mile, but then headed towards Arthur’s Seat: the large mountain to the east of downtown.  It was a great climb up to the top of the hill, but it was very windy at the top.  My friends and I were literally leaning into the wind and not falling over.  We eventually managed to find a decent spot to sit out of the wind and enjoy the views of the city from up high, before climbing back down for dinner and the car ride home.

Edinburgh Castle Gate

My second and third visits to Edinburgh was to specifically visit the Castle.  The second trip was with my father, but we couldn’t actually go in to the castle because high winds had caused the place to close.  On the third trip, I went with a couple of friends, but I don’t really remember much of the trip.  The castle was nice, but I remember distinctly thinking that it was overpriced.  Tickets are currently £14, and that’s just too much for what the castle actually offers.

Scotch Whiskey Collection

My third visit was fairly recently.  My girlfriend was about to move back to the states from the UK, and she wanted to see Edinburgh one more time.  We spent most of our time just wandering up and down the Royal Mile, but we also visited Mary King’s Close (part of the buried underground city in Edinburgh) and went to the Scotch Whiskey Experience.  Mary King’s Close is an interesting little tour of the buried city, but the tour made to big a deal of ghost hunting and the paranormal and did not spend enough time on the actual history of the place (for my tastes, anyway).  The Scotch Whiskey Experience was interesting though.  It started off with a very corny animatronic Disney-esque ride which explained the process of how whiskey is made (interesting and educational, sure, but could have done without some of the theatrics), then finished up with a talk on the different whiskey regions in Scotland and had a tasting ourselves.  During the tasting, we went into a room which houses the largest whiskey collection in the world – over 3000 bottles I think.  An excellent way to wind down the day.



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