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VI.01.10. Read the Justice of the Duke

Date Accomplished: 5 October 2010

The Justice of the Duke: Stanley Paul Edition

My Sabatini Journal

“A woman’s vanity is an instrument upon which the merest fool may play any tune he pleases.” (57)

“…who despises an enemy reinforces him” (108)

“What false attributes … are bestowed by man’s imaginings upon the great!” (138)

“He cursed his folly in setting his trust in the gratitude of princes.” (148)

“He is a fine soldier and a student, and when a man is both these things he is the best things that a man can be.” (175)

“Is was her beauty and her glorious w0manhood that swayed them – as men ever will be swayed even against reason, against honor and against knowledge.” (216)

“…immediately reason’s cold hand seized the reins of her will, and governed it.” (236)

The Justice of the Duke

This is a very interesting collection of short stories by Sabatini.  The stories all revolve around, as the title states, justice as practiced by Cesare Borgia.  Borgia plays a large role in some of the stories, but usually a minor role and the stories focus on the men in his armies.  I was a little surprised in that the protagonists of almost all the stories are rogues or criminals, but then, if the over-arching theme of the book is justice, then this makes more sense.

Sabatini published The Justice of the Duke in the same year he wrote his biography of Cesare Borgia.  I have yet to read the biography, but I suspect these were stories that came to him while he researched his non-fiction book.  Sabatini is certainly able to paint a vivid and consistent picture of the shrewd character that was Cesare Borgia, and this no doubt comes from his research.



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